Into The Woods - so many questions
Posted by: Genealley 12:00 am EDT 05/11/22

Thanks to Marcie for the ticket.

Sooo many questions:
1. Why do I dislike this show so much? Trying to shoehorn pop psychology/sociology onto Fairy Tales just reeks of trying too hard to impress. This production did nothing to dispel that opinion.
2. What was Heather Headley doing? swirling that gown around and her arms and hands and more head flips than an evening at RuPaul's
3. And that first act growling as the Witch and acting soooo serious. Ugh.
4. Why couldn't they give Denee Benton a nice wig? Sure it's not necessary, but she's Cinderella for god's sake! Swell voice.
5. Why Harris to replace Borle? Oh yeah...box office. Harris is nowhere near a Baker, but he did a serviceable/fine job. What about someone like Brandon Uranowitz?
6. Why don't Milky White and Kennedy Kanagawa have their own show?
7. How did they make the Mysterious Man so interesting?
8. Why was Rapunzel so blah?
9. Was this really Julie Lester's (Red's) NY theatre debut? Impressive.
10. Why does the second act just drone on and on about interpersonal relationships during hard times. Oh, right...that's the point. Fairy tales begone. Snnnnnnn
11. Are all NY audiences now fangirls screaming after every number? Are they the only ones who can afford tickets?
12. Is Sara Bareilles now the go-to salt-of-the-earth musical performer? Sure she's fine, but a bit bland.
13. How does Ann Harada lift every scene she's in?
14. What was Annie Golden saying as the Grandma?
15. How many years more will it take to get good sound design at Encores!?

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