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I'm perhaps a minority opinion, but feel the Foster piece of the story is what gave the show some intriguing verisimilitude. We know his music, we learn of its appropriation factor (if anachronistically in the revision) and ground the fictional elements in identifiable history. But now he is introduced, slightly woven into the milieu, and then gets told off to house applause in a moment of unearned and shoehorned 2022 political correction. The show might've used Foster with more accuracy and with genuine dramatic irony in simply dramatizing the ways some of his compositions were culturally appropriated. But the desire to villainize him through contemporary prism robs the audience of discovery. And the ability to draw its own conclusions. We're told how awful his deeds were in order to give the all-knowing protagonist a decisive moment. It's one of the better written scenes -- it's an actual scene, not a news bulletin -- but again, feels like a cheat.

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