re: I agree.
Posted by: Guillaume 07:30 pm EDT 05/11/22
In reply to: Wow !Girl From North Country - PlayStu 07:07 pm EDT 05/11/22

Thanks to all the Chatters who raved about this show over the years, it has long been on my "must see" list but I was repeatedly thwarted in seeing it due to Covid complications. I was blown away by the ensemble feel of the show and very moved by the poetic feeling that was sustained over the entire evening. The cats cradle of intricate subtle acting gestures by all the characters, even when in the shadows supporting another character taking focus for the moment, shows a director with a sure eye and ultimate trust in his company and material. I sure hope this winds best musical and best directing. It was so nice to see a musical that isn't all in your face with high tech dazzling, Las Vegas volume and cartoon like characterizations. What a gem of an evening.

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