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For the misguided fool who thought it was time to schedule a talk back - what were you thinking?
There's no stage dooring, no cast parties, it's not time for talk backs yet. Duh.

I don't think the talk backs themselves cause so much of a problem, after the same "scrupulously tested performers" have been singing their lungs out for the last several hours.

But as I have already said, I think doing the talkbacks with masks on would solve that part of the problem. Especially since part of the idea of a talkback is to put audience and artists on a more equal, intimate level with each other. It would give the audience a little more feeling of security, and show the audience that yes, even the performers do agree to go masked when advised. It's the optics in particular that would help. (To defend Patti a bit, she did indeed ask if she should wear a mask. The problem is, she was already in her indignant routine by that point, so the question became nothing but an angry challenge instead of something helpful.)

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