Now-famous people in their high school productions
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The thread below with clip of Heather Headley as Fanny Brice in high school left me wanting to hear stories about (or see) more of today's famous stars in their high school productions. I always wondered how much of the magic they had in high school compared to how they developed their talent from there.

I sadly don't have any stories like this, but Linda Eder tells the anecdote on her live CD about playing the Reverend Mother in high school--apparently because they thought her too tall to be Maria. I mean can you imagine you're sitting in this high school production and that voice comes out and sings Climb Ev'ry Mountain?

Although she never became famous (to my knowledge), my family and I still talk about the high school student we saw play Evita in Kansas City in the mid-late 90's--and we still remember her name: Rachel Cooper. By that time I had seen several productions including one starring Alicia Irving (who would later have featured parts in several Broadway shows), a CLO circuit production with Derin Altay, and the tour in 1993 with both Valerie Perri and Donna Marie Asbury. Ms. Cooper was every bit as good as all of those great ladies.

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