Broadway Blind Items
Posted by: DCollingwood 07:25 pm EDT 05/12/22

If you’re unfamiliar with Deuxmoi, it’s an Instagram account that drops lots of celeb gossip, sightings, and blind items (frequently with eventual reveals). There’s always been a steady smattering of NY-theatre related gossip, but today I saw two that were of interest.

First, Into the Woods is being eyed by a “HUGE producer” for a Broadway transfer with the cast intact.

Second, the West End Cabaret is coming to Broadway in Spring 2023 with an A++ Oscar-nominated actress/musician who took “a LOT” of convincing. And apparently they are trying to get Alan Cumming to reprise his emcee role?

As I was writing this post it hit me that they have to be talking about Lady Gaga for Cabaret. Might explain her random pairing with Liza at this year’s Oscars…

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