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Posted by: DistantDrumming 02:35 am EDT 05/13/22
In reply to: Broadway Blind Items - DCollingwood 07:25 pm EDT 05/12/22

Thanks for starting this thread. I occasionally check out Deuxmoi, but they publish SO MUCH content every day that I don't follow them closely. I had no idea they had all this theatre gossip. How fun!

I also spotted this one in their stories today -- in a Tony Awards theme -- this HAS to be about Patti. I wonder who the supposed dark horse is....

"a campaign against a legend is brewing behind the scenes, making for one hell of an exciting upset come the ceremony."

(though the way it's written, they seem to think the outcome of this supposed campaign is a forgone conclusion. That seems a stretch to me. I imagine it's still Patti's to lose.)

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