re: Too bad my 401k lost so much value
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My 401K has also taken a big hit over the last 2 months. I booked a Broadway cruise with my partner in 2019 and made a down payment plus insurance -- the total outlay was around 5 grand. It was originally scheduled for spring, 2020. When covid hit, the cruise didn't happen but I wasn't able to cancel or get my money back, only a partial voucher (don't ask).

There are conflicting rules and regulations in both this country and Europe right now about pre-boarding testing. It's very confusing and very scary, and no one gives you a straight answer.

Anyway, we went on a substitute Mediterranean cruise with a lot of great Broadway talent (Faith Prince, Jason Graae, Bonnie Milligan, Andrea Burns, and Seth Rudetsky) and had a fantastic time. We even extended so we could spend 2 extra days in Venice. I combined it with a 3-day stay in New York so we could take a direct flight to Barcelona. All together it lasted from Apr. 14 through the 28th, when we landed at O'Hare in Chicago.

Nevertheless, if I had been allowed the option of canceling with a full refund, I would have taken it. The possibility of testing positive once the trip starts and then being quarantined (and left hanging) in a foreign country is very unsettling. Thank God, on our trip everything worked out fine.

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