Finally saw Beanie and Ramin in Funny Girl
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I had seen Julie Benko when Beanie was out and thought she was terrific. But I had planned to see Beanie all along and returned to the show last night. I actually liked her performance and thought she was very good for the most part though early on she seemed much too young for the role despite her actual age. The only number she couldn’t pull off entirely was People. Her voice almost cracked at the beginning.

I had seen Ramin’s standby with Benko and Ramin is considerably stronger in the part. He does a fine job as Nick and near the end you really feel sorry for him when he departs from Fanny.

I suppose when you go to a show with lowered expectations you can be pleasantly surprised. Or maybe Beanie just feels more comfortable in the part now. The audience appeared to enjoy the show a lot. A woman with her two daughters sat next to me and another mother with her daughter sat in front of me. They were all happy with the show at intermission. The older couple next to me who were in town from D.C. to see Into the Woods also said they loved the show after it ended.

I sat in Orchestra H10 which I bought with a discount mailer before the show opened. It was a great seat.

Not sure why this posted twice.

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