re: A Strange Loop's terrible sound design
Posted by: aislestorm 03:07 pm EDT 05/13/22
In reply to: A Strange Loop's terrible sound design - Circlevet 11:57 am EDT 05/13/22

This has been the subject of much discussion since the show started previews. It amounts to an act of sabotage against the performers in the show, while cheating the audience out of a total experience. Perhaps the producers don’t trust the material enough to make the lyrics understandable. Whatever the reason, the village of people invested in the show don’t care because they believe they have a guaranteed Best Musical winner and audiences be damned. If you can’t understand the lyrics, how can you honestly vote for Best Score?
Jennifer Hudson’s n, Alan Cumming and the rest should be ashamed of themselves.
Nothing in the world of theatre is a lock.

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