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Posted by: Chromolume 05:13 pm EDT 05/13/22
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You're playing around with the glass half-full or half-empty thing (as is Genealley) in a way that really makes your argument rather silly. Ideally, the standby is as good, or practically as good - that's their job. What they won't usually have is the CLOUT that makes the usual star "seem" better, because we always *expect* the big name to be better, rightly or not. Furthermore, standbys aren't eligible for Tony noms, so I don't understand your point with that at all. Plus, we all know that not all Tonys are for talent.

But I think it's also very true that in a number of circumstances, the standby may in fact be BETTER than the cast lead - particularly in cases where the lead is cast on celeb recognition rather than perhaps being a perfect fit for the role's requirements.

Let's go back to the beginning. If Genealley has seen both the original and the standby, and felt the standby was not up to the job, he should have said exactly that. But he didn't. He confused it with this whole assumption that the standby HAS to be "worse" and started this whole thread off with making an ass out of him and him. Boy, where are Shocktheatre and Chekky when we need them?

(Where DID Shocktheatre all of a sudden disappear to, btw? And did the standby have a treasure trail?)

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