Wow. Get a life?
Posted by: Genealley 05:31 pm EDT 05/13/22
In reply to: re: Saw MJ tonight - writerkev 04:58 pm EDT 05/13/22

These post-ers are officially out of control. I did not intentionally try to stir the pot by posting a provocative statement. I was merely stating that the originator HAS to be better than this standby. Otherwise he couldn't be so praised and awarded. And it's hysterical that these people assume that I am a deliberate contrarian to create dialogue. Just so happens that I don't find a lot of shows very good or lacking in good elements. So I point them out. And this site is just the place to do that. Believe me, when I come across something I like, you'll be the first to know it. (Strange Loop, Moulin Rouge, Beetlejuice, Six, Come From Away, Chicago, Oratorio, anyone?)

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