“what the end will be” (Roundabout) is HORRIBLE
Posted by: student_rush 09:48 pm EDT 05/13/22

If there was any justice in the world, this would be a career-ender for multiple people involved in this cartoonishly terrible production at Roundabout’s Laura Pels theatre.

The writing is atrocious, but real fault must lay with any artistic staff that fast-tracked this “topical” (post-pandemic) and “important” (every character is gay and/or a person of color) piece of shit - in lieu of any other worthy piece of theatre to present in such a coveted slot. These gatekeepers are an embarrassment to any larger artistic community and should be run out of town, tarred and feathered for the cons they are. This production alone is grounds to replace all upper artistic staff at Roundabout.

The nothing of a play - a labored slog at less than ninety minutes - is only made worse by the most amateur staging I’ve ever seen on a professional stage and abysmal performances and casting (Ben Platt’s high school student is decades younger than the actor cast as the eighteen year-old son).

Man, when you think theatre can’t get any worse the universe steps up to say: THE BAR CAN BE LOWER! When people say they don’t enjoy theatre, THIS is what they mean.

To be avoided at all costs.

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