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I'm not targeting your for this comment, but an observation: I have found -- especially on BWW and Facebook -- that those who live in the tri-state area and attend more performances respond to performance reports as consumers as well as arbiters of creative decision making. We aren't simply evaluating the opportunity for an artist to stretch, or the chance for any theater piece to be viewed very differently through casting and other choices. We are lining up with our $179 - $299 with a set of expectations unavoidably tethered to the steep prices. (Yes, I know cheaper seats for Funny Girl are available; but these two seat prices, halved, are much discussed in TKTS threads the past two weeks).

When I keep saying, "audiences are consumers, too," some bristle. As if I'm reductively characterizing theatergoing as comparable to selecting a new pair of shoes. But since I've landed on that image: One seat to Funny Girl is, fairly, a pricey pair of shoes in 2022, and it's not an unfair yardstick. Some of us bristle in response when others school us that we should be more accommodating of the casting. That this is "an opportunity" for both Feldstein and the show. It may be, but most of us are paying to see it one time. After 60 years. When it's Funny Girl vs Cole Haans, we are a bit picky about how the performance lands. I'm not trying to be obnoxious on this subject, but two threads on FB this very week in which any Feldstein critics were shouted down* -- by people living in the Midwest -- shortened my fuse.

*full disclosure: it also happened in a LuPone Calls Out Unmasked Talkback Attendee thread. Someone who neither lives near Broadway nor attended a single performance this challenging season came after me for agreeing with LuPone's outrage/rage. Certainly anyone can have a take on etiquette and decorum. But again, those of us who've stood in the 20 degree wind to have our vaccination status checked, watched patient front-of-house staff police aisles with "Mask Up" paddle boards, and seen performances with multiple covers (all brilliant) this season, well, we approach Ms. LuPone's anger at protocols indifference rather differently than someone whose entire Broadway experience in the past two years is Hamilton on Disney+.

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