re: Do you think Hangmen will hang on? The fate of plays since the restart
Posted by: NewtonUK 09:21 am EDT 05/14/22
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Broadway has not been kind to plays since we began reopening last Autumn. There was some thought in the industry that plays might do well, as they appeal more to New Yorkers than tourists. But then producers collectively lost track of the continuing result of broadway League surveys: the number one reason audiences attend a play is 'Who is in it'. PLAZA SUITE got mostly negative reviews, for the production and the stars. No matter, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are big stasr, and stars who are loved. They grosses $1.7 million at the Hudson last week. AMERICAN BUFFALO also has stars - Laurence Fishburn, Sam Rockwell, and Darren Criss - but also has the burden of the now crazy David Mamet. Playing to 78% in a small theatre. Its OK - but thats about it. TAKE ME OUT? 81% at another small theatre. OK. But not special. And always remember thats 81% of capacity - including comps and discounted tix, TDF etc. The other plays are pretty much down dfor teh count at the moment. Even the highly praised FOR COLORED GIRLS revival is having slow box office - very slow - despite their small recent bump.

A HUGE critical hit like A STRANGE LOOP, in different times, would be sold out for months on the back of their reviews. Last week it played to just 67% of capacity, bringing in $476,000 (gross gross).

What are the only shows actually doing well, besides PLAZA SUITE? You could guess them. HAMILTON, MOULIN ROUGE, FUNNY GIRL, HARRY POTTER, MJ, MCCGRAIGNEGGA, SIX, LION KING, TINA, WICKED.

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