re: “what the end will be” (Roundabout) is HORRIBLE
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If I'm not mistaken this was not fast tracked, not exactly anyway and not for its timeliness of having to do with covid, because it was not only written and had readings before the pandemic (like quite a bit before -- I'm guessing it was revised to reflect/utilize the pandemic, which may be good or may be a bad idea), it was scheduled by Roundabout before pandemic.

Maybe it was fast tracked in the sense that it was scheduled before it was ready as a play, i dunno. I don't know if the RTC chose to schedule it or have a relationship with this writer because his plays (or this particular play they're producing) is excellent or if they have other reasons, clearly you think the later. I think they produced one of his play before, maybe in their black box... perhaps it's just a continuation of that, and maybe playwrights with potential deserve the chance to fail. Or maybe they should only be produced when they have plays that are worthy of that level of production. (for what it's worth, runaway hit for RTC's black box, and play that put him on the map, Speech & Debate by Pulitzer finalist twice-over and Tony winner Stephen Karam, is a play I find embarrassingly overrated... but it was still produced there and many places and is thought of very well. I also didn't think The Humans was *quite* everything it was cracked up to be either... I felt the same about big hit and Tony winner Other Desert Cities)

Has Roundabout or the critics or the play told you this play is "important" or have you decided that it is meant to be thought of that way?
Your opinion is valid, but the way you say it sounds laced with bias... and maybe the play is bad... but while I will certainly acknowledge there is a push/prevalence to assume anything by or about poc is more important or to project importance onto it, I think the subject matter of black men being gay (not like gay drag queens, or trans women, etc, but in the context of being men who are not straight living in the non-queer black community and/or in a biological family) isn't actually discussed in plays in major theaters, or in movies, very much, and how different generations of black men and gay men and black gay men relate or do not relate. So if that's what's being dramatized or discussed, I think it's worth programming it... assuming the play isn't bad, which you feel strongly it is. A bad play doesn't do anyone any good, whether it's about queer men of color or not.

But boy do I hope the play is better than your review says.

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