re: Lost audiences
Posted by: ryhog 08:01 pm EDT 05/14/22
In reply to: Lost audiences - jjbkvm 06:51 pm EDT 05/14/22

I've said many times that I think everyone has to do what is comfortable for them. I'm a little confused, though, as to what is driving your situation? Is it that you (and your friends) will not attend in any event because of the lifting of the vaccine requirement? Or that there is now a precariousness as to whether the performance will happen? On the former, I'd note that your friends will/would be coming from (not very vaccinated) Florida on a plan requiring neither vaccines nor masks and that all of you will be on the train without any proof of vaccination (and always would have been). On the latter, there has never been a time post-reopening when performances were not precarious. In saying this, I reiterate that I am not trying to persuade you or anyone to do something you don't feel comfortable doing. It is all very frustrating, even when one can walk to most theatres. And I am very sensitive to the fact that there are many people dealing with the same frustration.

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