The Bedwetter today
Posted by: gothamplaygoer 08:23 pm EDT 05/15/22

I never would have guessed that my two favorite musicals this year (the other being Kimberly Akimbo) would be at the Atlantic. I found this show thoroughly enjoyable. While the score is not memorable, the songs are very well integrated into the action. The actors were all fine including the two understudies. Caissie Levy was still out but her u/s Lauren Marcus was very good. I was briefly startled to see that Bebe Neuwirth has graduated to grandmother roles. I thought Zoe Glick came on a bit too strong initially but she calmed down. The extremely graphic sexual references may upset some people, especially when they come out to the mouth of a ten-year-old. The audience was very enthusiastic. I think it will be a hit.
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