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We can presume "Let it Burn" will be showcased on the Tonys. And maybe it will be sufficiently inspirational for consumers. But as is often the case, is a Tony performance a deal sealer for a show without box office? I'd argue that the song is not "And I'm Telling You" -- sometimes compared to -- meaning, it doesn't have a primal audience identification factor in its soul bearing. No comparable Effie in recognizable pain. Out of context, it's a high decibel declaration, and perhaps its impassioned call to action will resonate as an entreaty to a troubled nation. But there's no sellable Dreamgirls around the number. No Detroit/Motown milieu that the song sits atop. It's a show about important if second tier history, but without annotating explanations, hard to grasp. The pricey Sunday Times ad yesterday, quite a nice traditional one touting nominations, sells the synergy of history and epic musical theater. But how many people get the print NY Times? How can the show acquire a profile as late as a single newspaper ad and one Tony performance?

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