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I enjoyed the piece -- four peanut butter cups per performance! -- and presumed that September contractual end date was specific to Lynch, and perhaps Karimloo*. I would guess that Feldstein has a year, or at least thru December 31. But it's an uneducated guess. Like so much about this production

Not OT: All speculation about Feldstein's route to the starring role was taken down by administrators at BWW late Sunday afternoon. No justification, but someone said such postulation without proof constitutes libelous content. I was giggling, since half of theater board palaver is speculative. Merely wondering why an actor might've been given an ill-fitting role after a single now infamous Zoom audition -- without even hearing of also-rans -- constitutes character defamation. Somehow, the continued supposition of familial ties to the production is a bridge too far? It's entered every other discussion since previews began.

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