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It’s not OT, but it’s also ridiculous. I can’t speak for the other board’s standards of deleting posts, but while you’re right it’s been discussed here, I believe it’s theoretically possible family might have bought a unit or two as investors, either for fun or to support their relative. But I believe a majority have agreed it’s ludicrous to suggest, as people like you repeatedly have, that the first Broadway revival of Funny Girl was mounted as a vanity project just because she has any famous relations, or because the star’s father was an accountant and his kids went to affluent private schools.

I count at least 50 separate producers, producing entities, or companies, listed prominently (not counting smaller investors who contributed less than the typically-minimal amount of $25,000 to buy an entry-level unit). Around a dozen of them are regular, recognizable players on Broadway and the West End, from lead producer Sonia Friedman to Scott Landis, Daryl Roth, Roy Furman, Jean Doumanian, etc. None of them bear the name Feldstein or Platt.

People can continue to push conspiracy theories (such as the one that had Ryan Murphy somehow letting go of the rights for his Lea Michele revival in exchange for Feldstein doing his Monica Lewinsky TV show, even though at the time this production originated in London back in 2015 Feldstein had yet to have a significant role in any film, TV show or stage play). But as far as I’m concerned, in this one case, the moderators removing such posts are doing those people a favor in keeping them from making fools of themselves.

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