wow the greed
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truly impressive.

No show has come anywhere close to this, by even a long shot, except the 2009 West Side Story revival, which had their standing room tickets at $50 to stand in the back of the mezz. That was 13 years ago and the highest normal tickets price for that production were more like 125-150 than the prices at Music Man.

And it's hilarious, the nerve, given that this production is charging so much, making so much -- so its the show that *needs* to be so cheap/greedy the least, but also it didn't even get the kind of reviews that would constitute DOUBLING the cost of the cheap tickets where you must stand the entire show. It's not like anyone is considering this an unmissable theatrical event you'll always regret missing, and normally the only way to see it is for $200+ so this $76 opportunity is a generous gift. Ha.

Also who are these tickets meant for? For lower income people? For students and struggling artists? For passionate theater goers on a budget? I don't many people are willing to pay (or can afford to pay) $76 per ticket to stand in the back for 2 hours and 45 minutes, especially without ecstatic raves about both the production and the stars (this got neither across the board and rarely for both, if at all). Part of the point of putting in the effort of getting these tickets (sometimes the insane effort of it), and then standing the entire time (which can in many ways compromise the experience of seeing the show because you're quite often distracted by everything around you, looking out at everything in front and under you, feeling your legs as you continue standing etc... it's not ideal but it can be worth it, I've done it countless times)... is to see a show you really want to see, possibly a theatrical experience you'll never forget or that will change you even, at a price you can afford. It's an opportunity to people on a budget and also a reward for people willing to do the leg work of getting the tickets and doing the standing. But not at $76 it's not.

The Producers -- the absolute smash hit with heavenly reviews, sold their standing room, if I remember correctly, were around $25? I remember, I waiting outside the theater literally all night with friends to get them. Even that would only be $40 or so today with inflation.

And yes... yes... they have the right to charge anything they want to... and if people pay it, what is the harm. That's capitalism, that's the market ... but... there's an issue of decency and greed and betraying the point of the ticket and the value. It's very common to get a great regular SEAT at a broadway show for around $75, and it wasn't long ago that that was the top price. Hamilton does front row SEATS for $10... and this is standing behind the back row for $76. What's the reverse of "Bah humbug"?

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