The excitement I felt around this time of year when I'd open the NYT on Sunday morning....
Posted by: portenopete 11:01 am EDT 05/17/22

....and see a two-page spread for a show that had gotten a slew of Outer Critics, Drama Desk and Tony nominations.

Admittedly I am part of the problem since I haven't bought a hard copy of the Times since before COVID struck.

But reading the OCC noms and imagining that A STRANGE LOOP would have reason for an impressive two-page spread made me a little nostalgic. There was such a visceral thrill in the image of those ads that I personally don't feel reading an article on Playbill.com or on the Times website or in an email blast.

My feelings may be inextricably linked to youthful sensations of discovery and maybe reading an online text or DM might do the same for someone 25 years younger. I hope so, because I really treasure that excitement and passion I felt.

Scanning the nominations made me hopeful for the theatre. I haven't seen most of them because I haven't been to the city in more than two years, but things I caught in London and elsewhere pre-pandemic (Lehman, Hangmen, Six, Company) are well-represented and there is a great variety and diversity to what has been produced.

I find myself getting that little thrill in my tummy at the prospect of a Tony Awards party....

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