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Due to a series of canceled performances, rescheduled tickets, and an early closing, it was not possible to publish this review while the show was still open.

Wendy Caster takes a look at The Vagrant Trilogy at Public Theater.

It's 1967. Scholar Adham has come to London with his wife Abir from their small village in Palestine to present a talk on Wordsworth. At the English university where he is to speak, he seesaws between jubilation and imposter syndrome as he navigates that foreign and very particular culture. While he is there, war breaks out in the Middle East, and the English university offers him a fellowship so that he and his wife can stay safely in London. Abir wants to go home to be with family and thinks that Adham should want to go back too. After all, his mother, who has sacrificed everything for him, is all alone. But Adham points out that teaching at an English university is exactly the sort of future his mother saw for him. Shouldn't he take the opportunity to honor her sacrifices?

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