re: Ben Platt stars in Jason Robert Brown’s PARADE
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Well said. How has he been pushed on us anyway?

I am neither a huge fan nor an anti-fan of Ben Platt but this is excellent casting. It's a non traditional leading man, quirky, a little nerdy--in many ways more of character part, but nonetheless the leading man of this particular show. Platt is well suited to play that. And more importantly (to me) he has the vocal chops to do justice to the beautiful and challenging score. And although I don't care about this, but am sure the producers do, he is famous outside of--and a draw beyond--theatre circles. It sounds like a win on every level to me.

I was lucky enough to see the original production in a rare winter visit to NYC. It was incredibly ugly (physically) and Hal Prince had often said something like if he couldn't figure how a show was supposed to look then he couldn't get it right. That was certainly the case here. But the performances and the score stayed with me. Really excited to see Arden's vision for the production to go along with the beautiful score and great casting.

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