re: “The Fantasticks” rewritten as gay love story.
Posted by: Chazwaza 03:47 pm EDT 05/17/22
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I adore this show, and would say it's pretty much perfect as is, score and book.

But I wouldn't necessarily agree that it's steeped, in so far as being trapped, in "gender roles" so much as ideas of romance roles. I think the way the Matt, as the boy, functions in the fake romance plot (the kidnapping and saving of Louisa), and Luisa's role, as the girl, could certainly work for two gay boys fulfilling the same kind of romance fantasy notions like the ones Matt and Luisa read about and El Gallo sells to the two parents. That isn't to say that gender roles aren't completely part of it.

That being said, I am not sure how well this version will work either. The original strikes a very precious balance. And it is steeped, even more identifiably and purposefully, in a traditional world of a different time, and it is evergreen only by staying there because it wasn't a real reflection of the world when it premiered either. It lives in its own space. And maybe that can work with two gay boys too.
I'm not sure what he's changing "I want much more than keeping house" for the end of Louisa's perfect first song "Much More" to, when it's a gay boy instead, because at no point in time was "keeping house" a thing young gay guys were tasked with, or afraid to be limited to. And I don't necessarily think Louisa is saying "i want more than that" to reflect a feminist rejection of society expecting her to do that and only that was a wife and mother, I think she means it to reflect the boring life she is bound to have in this tiny town, in her father's house, in this small provincial kind of simple life. It can be both but I don't think it's exclusively the former. So maybe a gay boy can still say it and mean it, especially if he's the type who imagines himself as the one who would be doing the house "keeping" in his life/partnership with a husband.

Anyway... I'm curious and hesitant.

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