Need advice on which shows will close first
Posted by: EagleMark 11:21 am EDT 05/18/22


I don't live in New York, but I will be in town next week and also the week of June 6. I only have time to see 2 shows next week, but there are 3 I want to see. The following 3 shows look like they may not last long:

Hangmen, $289,305 gross, $94.20 avg. ticket, 47.72% capacity, tickets on sale until June 18, nominated for Tony Best Play
POTUS, $461,864 gross, $73.01 avg. ticket, 54.50% capacity, tickets on sale until August 14, NOT nominated for Best Play, but received some Actor noms
Paradise Square, $235,604 gross, $42.93 avg. ticket, 69.86% capacity, tickets on sale until November 27, nominated for Tony Best Musical

Which 2 should I prioritize for next week? Or maybe more specifically, rank order the most likely to least likely to close sooner than later? Do they all at least make it to the Tonys? Or will one close before the Tonys?

My first thought was Paradise Square cannot sustain the economics. But, it seems like they may be hanging on to see how they do at the Tonys?
POTUS looked bad last week but they improved and their gross isn't terrible comparatively.
Hangmen has a decent avg. ticket price but they are only performing to half-full houses.

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