To take 2 other examples…
Posted by: ShowGoer 07:11 pm EDT 05/18/22
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True, risk of serious illness seems low.
But on April 21st Stephen Colbert contracted Covid and canceled a week and a half of shows- he was back for 4 days, having tested negative. Then tested positive again, with what was confirmed to be a second case, and was out again from May 9th-16th.
Same thing with Jimmy Kimmel now- had an initial bout earlier this month, canceling May 2nd to 9th (sometime Broadway comedian Mike Birbiglia was the substitute host), came back last week. And as of yesterday, he has Covid again, and is off now for the foreseeable future (with John Mulaney filling in).
This seems to be similar to the situation with Suffs, not to mention Caissie Levy, who I believe had two cases of it in the past few weeks herself (which is why she’s hardly been in The Bedwetter since it began performances).

What is going on that so many people now seem to be getting Covid twice just a few weeks apart? Is there a new variant that hasn’t been identified?

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