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Posted by: ryhog 09:34 pm EDT 05/18/22
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It's no secret around here that I am not a fan of the league but it's not fair to call this an AEA victory over the league. In fact, it is a mutually agreed upon provision, and not one that was fought against by league members. Many league members are victims of Rudin's behavior and many if not most have never used NDAs in the way Rudin did. (Mostly because they had no reason to.) If anything, I'd say Equity is overplaying its hand a bit, for PR reasons. Which is fine.

A couple of other points. First, what could be interesting in releasing actors and SMs from NDAs is that they can talk about what they have witnessed. There were instances during the Rudin disclosures of actors who did their best Sergeant Schultz impressions. They know longer are muzzled about what they saw and heard, in Rudin's office and on the phone. Second, it is important to remember that AEA members had avenues to air any grievances that were not protected in any event.

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