re: A small victory
Posted by: ryhog 12:13 am EDT 05/19/22
In reply to: re: A small victory - singleticket 11:52 pm EDT 05/18/22

When I said that, I was mostly thinking of Rudin. The essence of what I was thinking is that you can't legally prevent someone from reporting a crime and I think most of what Rudin did was either blatantly criminal or very close to it. The more interesting aspect of this (and since I haven't read the agreement I can't say how broad the exception is beyond finances and intellectual property, etc) would be the disclosure (e.g.,) of someone's boss who was cheating on their spouse (with someone not associated with the business). No illegality but would it be allowed? Obviously, an agreement related to the business of a show (the kind of stuff we see here daily in gossip like what's opening, what's closing, who is being cast, etc - the stuff of press releases) remains intact.

Happy to discuss this more if you or anyone who is interested.

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