re: The Nominating Committee
Posted by: ryhog 12:26 am EDT 05/19/22
In reply to: The Nominating Committee - oddone 08:10 am EDT 05/18/22

Now you've left the juicy part to our imaginations. Not fair. :-)

I do agree that the committees are not some unified consistent entity. There was indeed a seismic shift that I was aware of, away from what was, in essence, a fiefdom. I think there is a broader scandal in two of the putative critics committees. When I first became involved in the theatre, these groups were comprised of actual critics from actual publications (with one group focused on the out of towners). Now, a quick review of the committees reveals some who are not critics at all, and some who supposedly write for publications that do not meet any definition of journalism). It's false advertising and, frankly, kinda silly. I predicted their demises a number of years ago. As with many things, I was wrong.

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