re: I would NOT transfer Bob Fosse's 'DANCIN'
Posted by: IvyLeagueDropout 11:43 pm EDT 05/20/22
In reply to: I would NOT transfer Bob Fosse's 'DANCIN' - DistantDrumming 06:18 pm EDT 05/20/22

Thanks for your thorough and thoughtful review. I would still be curious to see it, even though I feel I'd probably end up agreeing with you. One of the reasons Fosse, Robbins, and Bennett fascinate me so much more than contemporary choreographers is that I find their impact on their shows seems to be more like that of an author, not just staging and presenting. I have liked much of the work I've seen from Stroman. the Marshalls, Blankenbuehler, Gatelli, Cilento and others. But I can easily see others doing a fine job with the same shows. Whereas I cannot imagine the major shows of The Big 3* without their original contributions.

*Balanchine and DeMille would probably be included with them, but I never saw their original works or faithful recreations of them. Too many generations of change for me to comment on them fairly.

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