Sutton Foster/Anything Goes
Posted by: Glamourboy 11:57 am EDT 05/21/22

I've admired Sutton Foster but I've never fallen in love with her in anything I've seen her in. I was hoping that would change with Anything Goes, which I missed on Broadway. Watching it on PBS, I love the sets, costumes...and of course the great Cole Porter score...but Sutton Foster seems so ....bland. It seems that Reno Sweeney needs to be a bigger than life character....but Foster's performance feels a little 'road company'. I took a look at video of Lupone and Mermen in the role and both of them seemed to leap off the stage with their amazing voices and confident swagger. I'm sure I am in the minority here. I want to love Sutton Foster, really I do. What are your opinions of her in this role?

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