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Posted by: TheOtherOne 12:25 pm EDT 05/21/22
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She's not an obvious fit for the role of Reno, but I enjoyed her very much. I saw her treat Reno's brassy side as her public persona, something she had to put on for "the fans" and something she would use to turn Billy on if it worked. Someone with the heart of an ingenue who knew she would never look like one. This quality made me root for her, and her performance didn't stop with it. She's a hell of a dancer and her singing was nearly as dynamic as others I've heard on recordings (Merman, Paige, Rodgers) or live (LuPone). I had missed her on Broadway and had a good time watching the broadcast.

Did anyone on this board actually see the 1962 or 63 off-Broadway production? I enjoy Eileen Rodgers very much on that recording.

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