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That’s correct. He later spoke out against nudity on stage because he felt other producers were not as tasteful and artistic as he was.(!)

In a weird coincidence, I was discussing this subject on my Facebook page (Laura Frankos Turtledove), just this week. In the 1923 edition of the Follies, Zeigfeld introduced the “Shadowgraph,” which was a 3-D effect (complete with red and green glasses for the audience), created by an engineer named Laurens Hammond. Hammond would go on to invent the electric Hammond organ in 1935. He licensed his patent for the Shadowgraph to Flo for $75,000, and it remained a part of the Follies and its tours for several years.

But Hammond had another stage effect, one using orange and blue lights and models wearing orange and blue cellophane. Depending on which lights were used, the girls looked clothed…or nude.

But even Ziegfeld felt this was beyond what he could get away with. “The police would close use down!”

More details on FB—it’s a public post, so anyone can see it. I also discuss the equipment used for the “Smell-o-vision” effect (spraying orange blossom scent during “An Orange Grove in California”) at Irving Berlin’s Music Box Revue of 1923, one month before the Follies’ Shadowgraph debuted.

Laura, who has done way, way too much homework….

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