So I’m a bad judge.
Posted by: dramedy 08:04 pm EDT 05/21/22
In reply to: Sutton Foster/Anything Goes - Glamourboy 11:57 am EDT 05/21/22

I really liked her ten years ago in the show and I again enjoyed the London version. She can do no wrong in my book except maybe little women. I loved her in Millie. I thought she was perfect in young frank. I wanted more of her in drowsy chaperone. She was a trouper in shrek but that’s another show like little women. She gave me appreciation for violet, which I never liked.

So yes, I’m a big fan. I even loved watching younger all seasons—of course nico tortorella had a bit to do with that allegiance.

I think what some find her bland—i actually like her ensemble style where she stands out of the cast but doesn’t dominate to the point of annoyance like some stars.

I’m not seeing music man, which is probably the only show I haven’t seen of hers on broadway. But many have commented about how good her Marian is and that doesn’t surprise me. I just wish descent orch tickets weren’t $400-700.

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