Who's GOTCHA? Liza, Rachelle, Shannon, Pia or Reva?
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Our discussion down thread about Fosse and dance revues got me down a YouTube rabbit hole this evening. I ended up watching all of the 'major' performances of I Gotcha. Of course, there is no I Gotcha without Liza and her deliciously filthy original performance in Liza with Z is pretty hard to beat.

But, man, I ADORE Rachelle Rak's performance. She hits every mark, every beat, but she also layers in some fabulous hair-ography. She manages to be super precise and yet feel so free wheeling and wild at the same time -- a controlled burn. Apparently, when Gwen Verdon saw her perform the number she said "She's great. 100% trash!"

So, which is your favorite performance?

Skip ahead to 15:40

in Fosse on Broadway

Bonus - Rachelle tells the Gwen story:
skip to 8:05

on The Today Show

Shannon - bonus:
teaching the routine

in Fosse in The Netherlands

live on Japanese TV

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