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An old fashioned off Broadway musical. Small and crisply funny, THE BEDWETTER wants to tickle your toes not knock your socks off. And so it does with a story and score that is charmingly profane and regularly wry. This is the sort of show that deftly fulfills its aims with quick skill; it plays just as it wants to. There are some small dips into near mawkishness in Act Two, and some of the staging is awkward, but overall the show admirably retains its comic momentum and its sweetness. It lands and the landing doesn’t feel—unusual these days—desperate and forced. The cast is top tier and everyone has their moment—or three—to shine. THE BEDWETTER is irreverent and sly, the kind of small-scale show that used to be a downtown staple. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get lost and wander uptown.

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