re: Who's GOTCHA? Liza, Rachelle, Shannon, Pia or Reva?
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While they all do a great job with the number, my vote would go to Liza.

I think hers is the most organic. Plus, Fosse created the number specifically for her. Her star quality aside, he knew what she looked best doing without sacrificing his panache and style. Even the two men with her show Fosse's personal touch, influence, and guidance.

Based on her pure assault of the number, Rachelle Rak comes on strong. She's focused, hits the marks, and thrashes it out (hair helps) like no other. There's nothing subtle there, but it works based on her pure enthusiasm.

Shannon Lewis is sublime, and the most technically proficient and nuanced of the lot. Her pony tail, and sleek Fosse body (short torso, long legs) brings to mind the Fosse dancers of the 60s and 70s. She was also the most detailed and specific in the fluidity of her hands, arms, and isolations.

Both Pia and Reva are fine, they're just not as captivating to me as the others.

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