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Posted by: reed23 07:04 am EDT 05/23/22
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Funny – I'd almost forgotten about that very strange person who posted post-opening reviews as if he were a paid professional critic, and we were all subscribers to some publication we never heard of – his screen name here was "Jesse21," I believe.

Michael Portantiere continues to post frequently on The Book of Face.

I'm still here and I still get some value out of the site, from some of the more perceptive, educated, interesting members (and not to butter you up, but you're one of those, and we frequently agree - and we know each other a bit in "real life," actually!) But I have noticed over the many years I've been there that most of the most perceptive, educated, witty and interesting members have vanished, and with them, those that appreciated them. Likewise I've noticed a great disappearance of people who actually work in the biz, for whatever reason.

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