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Posted by: EvFoDr 11:12 am EDT 05/23/22
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I want to preface this by saying that internet posts can be misinterpreted, so sorry if I have done that with yours, or reed23's below, but you don't sound very affectionate about Jesse.

You put the word review in scare quotes and the rest of the sentence ("as if he was a professional critic"), combined with the scare quotes seems condescending. And reed23 calls Jesse a "very strange person" and takes it even further by suggesting that Jesse thought ATC was full of subscribers to some publication we've never heard of.

I remember people often expressing hostility towards Jesse because his reviews were more formally structured, as if he thought he was the self appointed reviewer of ATC. I dunno, I just saw him as a person who was passionate about theatre and actually appreciated his style. Lots of people post their reviews here, they just do it less formally.

I also remember when he first appeared around here, before he started posting more formal reviews, he was vehemently accused of being a shill for Spring Awakening. I could never figure out why some people seemed to have it out for him. I always enjoyed his posts. I would describe his reviews as thoughtful, and also appreciated the effort he made to collect the major reviews in a round up with excerpts and links. I also acknowledge that we all experience people differently, and he clearly rubbed many people the wrong way.

The point is, people's annoyance with him was pretty palpable, and I am sure he was aware of that, so perhaps that is why he is no longer around here posting. From a practical standpoint, there were no openings to write about for a period of about 1.5 years so that would also explain the lack of reviews from him. Although I think he stopped posting well before covid.

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