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I agree that Jessie21 was among the deeply passionate theater-lovers whose contributions to ATC have been a lot of its appeal for me. People were hostile to their sense that he was a self-appointed critic. I think he enjoyed taking his thinking and writing about theater seriously, and having somewhere to share his reviews. There have certainly been "professional" critics whose work I found far less meaningful.

Jessie21 was a devotee of the highest order of Spring Awakening. Toward the end of its run, when it appeared clear that it would be closing before long, I mentioned the Eugene O'Neill Theater among possibly available ones for a new production being discussed here. It seemed like he became furious with me and took this suggestion as a personal betrayal.

I hope he's well, and continuing to enjoy theater, wherever he is. ATC can often function as a caring community, but sometimes has been an inhospitable one.

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