SYTYCD's Stacey Tookey talks dance and theatre on "Broadway's Backbone"
Posted by: singingotter 02:01 pm EDT 05/23/22

This is an incredible interview with an inspiring artist. a Must listen.
Stacey Tookey's dream was to be in a ballet company. After achieving that dream, Stacey realized that she wasn't fulfilled and that dreams can change. After five years dancing with Celine at Caesars Palace and due to an incredible support system, her choreography career started as an "accidental happening." With over a decade of "So You Think You Can Dance" Canada and USA, she is expanding her horizons with her own company. She is an advocate for dancers wellness, and has an upcoming movie musical feature film in the can. She has learned that her challenges are her best teachers, that it's necessary to push away doubt and white noise and do what you're meant to do, and to jump before you're ready. (original music provided by Benjamin Velez)

Link https://ttps://www.broadwayworld.com/article/LISTEN-Broadways-Backbone-with-Stacey-Tookey-20220523

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