Variety: 'Spring Awakening' director on filming the reunion in 5 days
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I wouldn't characterize the HBO film as ''malevolent,'' or ''done in a slapdash, somewhat thoughtless manner.'' It was a mighty task to tackle.

Variety interviewed Michael John Warren, who directed the HBO documentary, and he says they had only 5 days to shoot the reunion; 15-20 hours of interviews and an ''impossibly'' short amount of time to edit it. They juggled 50-100 hours of archival footage. And Warren says he basically distilled his film down to 4 plotlines: 1. the story of what's in the play; 2. the story of the musical and how it came to win the Tony; 3. the story of the 15th-anniversary reunion, and 4. the ''incredible love story'' between Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele. That's a lot to cover in an hour and 23 minutes.

I've only seen the documentary once so far, and will be seeing again (and again), but I love so much of what's there. I wish it were longer to include Bill T. Jones, not to mention more quotes from the rest of the incredible cast. But I imagine any edit probably would've never satisfied everyone.

As for a release of the full concert of the original Broadway cast reunion, Warren says: ''People have whispered it in the wings. It’s been discussed, not seriously, but I think for now we have an incredible film. I sincerely believe it does the original show justice and I think in a way even the fans might watch this film and understand the show that they love so much even better than they ever did. I can say that some of the cast have said that to me like, ‘I couldn’t articulate what it was until I saw this film, and now I can understand what we did and what it meant.’ So I think the answer is… if you’re asking me, yes, I would love to do that. But for now, let’s start with this and see what happens.”
Link Variety.com: 'Spring Awakening' Director on Filming the Reunion in 5 Days

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