Difficulties in rescheduling a canceled performance?
Posted by: oddone 05:41 pm EDT 05/23/22

Wondering if, with all the canceled shows, people are encountering any difficulty rescheduling. My guess is likely not for Broadway, but maybe for smaller theatres?

(I'm not talking about difficulty because your own schedule doesn't permit it, but when the theater says they can't get you in.)

I had a ticket to Exception to the Rule last night. Performance was canceled. I never got an email, so I hung out after my matinee of a different show for no reason (turns out Roundabout somehow has a very old email address on file, even though that email was nowhere in my online account). Anyway, when I called to reschedule, I kept getting "we have no availability on that date." I tried like 3-4 different dates, and started to get frustrated (I know it's a small theatre - that's why I got the ticket when I did), but the rep didn't think they could accommodate, and was going to suggest I just ask for a refund. Finally I got her to escalate to a supervisor, and sure enough, Roundabout had put tickets on hold precisely to accommodate patrons with tickets to that cancelled performance. So I ended up rescheduling to the date I initially asked for.

Not sure why she didn't know about this in the first place - it would have saved both of us a lot of time and frustration. And it probably isn't the first instance of Roundabout having terrible customer service. But wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this?

And also, I guess the lesson is - if a performance is canceled and you call to reschedule, it's quite possible the availability YOU (meaning, to reschedule) isn't the same as what it is for someone else (who is just buying a regular ticket).

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