(RE the Variety quotes) I picked up on all that, but...
Posted by: earlybird 10:07 pm EDT 05/23/22
In reply to: Variety: 'Spring Awakening' director on filming the reunion in 5 days - WaymanWong 03:14 pm EDT 05/23/22

Just because it was difficult doesn't mean it was good. You say "that's a lot to cover in 1h 23m" as if that absolves the director, but that's precisely what I took issue with. They tried to tackle too much, and with too short a runtime. Trying to do all 4 of those "storylines" was, IMO a big mistake. In particular, the 1st and 4th plotlines from your list above could easily have been jettisoned to make for a much more satisfying documentary. And hopefully Michele and Groff would have understood if the documentarian felt this was not the right time and place to delve deeply into their personal relationship.

As for the time-constraints; again, I can sympathize with the herculean effort, but that doesn't mean it's above criticism. Seems like the director was under a lot of circumstantial pressure, and probably a lot of pressure form the chorus of voices surrounding him too. For all I know, he may or may not have even had final say on which of those "plotlines" he'd be covering. But regardless, I think the end result is a bit of a mess.

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