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Posted by: winters 09:05 am EDT 05/24/22
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This is my first post in about two years, although I still read this site regularly. Different opinions are too frequently met with unwarranted personal attacks. I gave up posting when I became the brunt of such an attack. The moderators do not appear to edit (at least in my experience, although if an entire thread has been removed I wouldn't know this) when attacks are personal and this site can have an unsafe feeling to it. These are my experiences which I can believe can be different from that of others.

My comments today are addressed directly to jesse21. Over the years I read your 'reviews' more consistently than I've read reviews from any established publications. I discovered that my opinions of theater works often aligned. I got to know the you that you presented through your writing to a point wherein I could read something you wrote and often make a decision about going to see the piece based on your words. Not necessarily based on your recommendation, but based on your descriptions and your cogently described opinions of the work. In other words: I trusted the honesty of your opinions and could make my decisions about going based upon your reasonings. You never seemed to have a preconceived agenda. You see things with your theater going experiences in place in your mind and wrote your review with an honesty which is too frequently lacking on these sites as well as by the more official publications.

Jesse21. I don't know you and have no way of contacting you directly otherwise I would not have come out of 'ATC retirement' to post this. Should you ever decide to start a theater news letter,....sign me up.

I hope that you are doing well during these trying times.

As I return to my self imposed ATC exile, I extend my best wishes, thoughts and prayers to all those who organize this site (extra strong prayer for them) as well as to those who contribute to this site and those who lurk.

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