re: Why does mask wearing bother you? (and Take Me Out re-visited (spoilers))
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Yes, I meant it the opposite of the way it apparently came across. I would prefer to go to a performance where everyone is wearing masks.

Or at least supposed to be wearing masks... I saw Take Me Out again yesterday, and apparently a woman in the front row took off her mask completely for the last half hour of the show. I was a bit far away and don't know all the details, but I don't think security figured it out until the very end. A security guard apparently asked her to put it on when exiting. Her husband then proceeded to argue with the security guard, with the wife trying to calm him down (and she had it on even while he was arguing). I'm not sure exactly what the husband's justification was supposed to be, but his behavior was bad enough that other audience members thanked the security guard as he was walking out for enforcing the rules.


Jesse Williams really has settled into the character with several more weeks of performing under his belt. I was able to see better this time that his Darren Lemming thinks he is an invincible god for most of the show (and most of his life), and then is adrift when he realizes that, in fact, he is not. At my last visit, I thought he was a bit too teary-eyed for too much of the last part of the show, but this time he seemed truly lost and it made more sense. The audience was very receptive, with exit applause for Jesse Tyler Ferguson's "baseball is better than democracy" speech and Michael Oberholtzer's last scene. Although I hope that How I Learned to Drive gets rewarded with the Tony for Best Revival for giving us the gift of Mary-Louise Parker and David Morse's master class in acting, I won't be throwing the remote against the TV if Take Me Out ends up taking the prize.

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