re: Broadway Announces Optional Mask Policy for July
Posted by: mknyc76 12:46 pm EDT 06/21/22
In reply to: Broadway Announces Optional Mask Policy for July - Official_Press_Release 12:17 pm EDT 06/21/22

I feel like this is the unpopular opinion, but the realistic one: Broadway is really just catching up to the rest of New York. Mask-wearing on the subway is at 50% or less, by my guess, even though the MTA technically still requires masks. Other mass transit services have already waived mask requirements. And most restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, bars and clubs don't require masks. And, personally, I don't think I know anyone who masks 100% of the time anymore - even those with the best intentions and health concerns.

Should the League enforce masks in the future if there is another wave? Absolutely - and they've indicated that they will review monthly. So that's good.

Most of us did the socially and physically responsible thing and have kept masked, gotten vaccinated and boosted, and exercised caution. We did it to protect ourselves and to protect our community. We've earned the right now to weigh the risks and make our own informed decision as we transition to the virus being a daily part of life for the foreseeable future.

If you know you're sick - stay home. If you feel better wearing a mask at the theatre, wear a mask. If you have to wear a mask due to your personal health conditions, wear the mask.

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