Well said.
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And I imagine that - outside of the more cautious among us - this take, not coming at all from an ideological standpoint, could represent the majority of the public at large.

With proof of vaccination only having started to be phased out in the last month (and still required in some theaters), it’s very hard for me to imagine many people suddenly entering or re-entering the largely liberal world of New York theatergoing who are completely unvaccinated. But if they are, a) that’s on them, should they somehow catch the virus at a play, and b) there’s absolutely no question they’d be in the minority.

Regardless, while it’s clear from the response here that some will go to theater less (which I understand, particularly among older or immune-compromised theatergoers), there’s also no doubt in my mind that the mandates at this point are also keeping some people away.

Which group is larger remains to be seen, which is why it’s smart they’ve given themselves some wiggle room here - by the fall, if audiences are staying away from serious plays like The Piano Lesson and Death of a Salesman, it would seem that the veteran theatergoers will have been put off by dropping the mandates, and perhaps we’ll again have a situation like the past month or two where a few of the straight plays still required proof of vaccine while most of the musicals didn’t. On the other hand, if industry business in general is at minimum no worse than it was this spring, I could see the mask-optional policy, for better or worse, here to stay.

At the time they announced they were dropping vaccine checks but keeping masking, the prevailing opinion on this and the other board was, I believe, “Great. The exact opposite of what we all wanted.” So they’re never going to make everyone happy, and many people will always be annoyed whatever the policy is. Trying something different, at least for the summer months, will be a welcome change. And I’ll be wearing my mask, at minimum, for any shows that seem to have a lot of families, tourists or out-of-towners, as a precaution both to myself and to them.

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